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Just about every kind of savory or sweet treat can be personalised and supplied in quantaties as little as just 100, with a huge range of packaging options.  There are so many fillings to choose from ... bar mix, biscuits, bubble gum, candy canes, candy popcorn, choc beans, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate, chocolate eclairs, fruit mix, fruit & nut mix, heart lollies, humbugs, jelly babies, jelly beans & mini jelly beans, jelly frogs, jubes, kopico, licorice, licorice allsorts, lindt, lindor balls, all sorts of mints, m&ms & mini m&Ms, musks, nut mix, nougat, orange choc drops, personalised rock candy, picture printed chocolates, poker chips & cards, pumpkin seeds, rice crackers, rock chocs, snakes, sour worms, soya crisps, spearmint leaves, star lollies, strawberry creams, tropical chews, wasabi peas ... just to name a few.

Show your customers or wedding guests how sweet you are with promo confectionery branded just for you.

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If it's edible ... it's do-able!  Your one-stop shop for personalised promotional confectionery! With products ranging from chocolates to mints to candy just to name a few, all the products we supply can be personalised in one way or the other helping you promote your business and brand name in the most innovative manner. Should you not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to arrange it for you.

Chocolography is a patented technology that can print directly onto the surface of chocolate and confectionary. Using this unique technology we can print high resolution, full colour image, corporate logos and individual guest/client names directly onto the surface of chocolate and confectionary using FDA approved food colouring.

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We offer a large range of confectionery items including personalised confectionery, wedding chocolates, jelly beans, business card treats, rock candy and more.

All our lollies can be printed, either directly on the candy or on the packaging, with your corporate branding or personal message.

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If you'd like to know more about any product or request a quote, simply (CONTACT US)

and make sure you include the following:
  -  All your contact information
  -  Product Code of the item/s you're interested in
  -  Any product options (if applicable like Colour etc.)
  -  Name of the range you found the product in (such as "Funky Thingz")
  -  Quantity of the product you're interested in ordering
  -  Needed by date (if applicable for trade show etc.)

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