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Promotional Clothing, Uniforms & Apparel


The Aussie Pacific brand gives exceptional value for Team & Business wear apparel in a huge amount of colours and sizes.

If it's time for you to re-invent your business, company, organisation or sport and you're starting with quality clothing ... then you're certainly on the right track!

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For more than 150 years, Fruit of the Loom has fulfilled a promise to its consumers ... a promise of quality, value and trust.

Intruducing ladies sizes that are more compatible with Australian women (prior to 2013, Fruit Of The Loom based sizes on European bodies) and mens sizing has also been revamped to cover XXXL in both Heavy Cotton & Valueweight Tees (not just some colours) and all Polos are now available up to XXXL.

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Sportage goes to another level with the introduction of new fashion styles in a retail weight combed cotton 150gm.

The Sportage brand has been built on it's combed cotton selection which is now bolstered with more youth fashion.  As a general rule, combed cotton garments globally are more expensive than conventional cotton but the Sportage range offers value for money with this extremely soft and strong material which is ideal for making the Sportage cotton range.  It is an excellent choice for garments as it is gentle against the skin because combed cotton is an extremely soft fabric made by specially treating the cotton fibres before they are spun into yarn.Combed cotton is softer and prints better.

Sportage uses combed cotton for tees and singlets because of the softness and strength of the fabric. Cotton which has not undergone the combing step tends to be more rough, not print as well and will be prone to more shrinkage.

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The Grace Collection range is extensive with both stock service and indents.

The Grace Collection range is extensive with both stock service and indents.

With Grace Collection, we can specially import caps for you with a minimum of just 100 pieces per colour per design from off-shore. There are literally thousands of Caps & Hats available as well as a stock garment supply.

The range of products includes caps, bandannas, visors, hats, wrist bands, beanies, scarves,gloves, backpacks, sports bags, compendiums, towels, drink bottles, aprons
polos, fleeces, jackets and thongs (for your feet) flip flops, pluggers etc.

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Ramo encompasses a large range of product lines which hit the fashion orientated.

Items in the range include tees, polos, hoodies, gym gear, fashionable mens & ladies singlets, lite weight cotton tees & singlets in a huge range of colours and sizes. Plus there's mens & ladies shirting, Kids Bamboo fabric Tees, Bamboo Towels, Babies Organic Cotton range, 100% Cotton Washed Poplin Backpacks, 370gm Heavy Weight Hoodies, 130gm Lightweight American Style Tees for Men & Ladies and a 135 gm Cotton 'Wave' ladies wide neck tee.  These lines are well priced and are good value for money, plus their colours and styles stock holding is formidable.

Ramo also have a Hi-Viz Workwear range covering polos, wet weather jackets, fleeces and cotton hi-viz workshirts.

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