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Ball Tote Bag
Full-Colour Drawstring Bag
Cotton Duffle Bag

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Promotional Products Work

So, let us help you find the right product for your next promotion. 

It's true!  Promotional products are used by many companies, but sadly ... they're not always used to their true potential.  Have you ever received a handful of promotional pens at from a trade show or conference, but never bothered to contact the businesses advertised on them?

Many promotional products give the same results without putting some careful thought into a few key areas before lashing out and spending the money.  We can help you separate a straight out giveaway, from a truly effective promotional product.

So, what's important when choosing a good promotional product?

  • 1. Give the people what they want!

    Even if they don't know it yet, the promo product you choose to use to promote your business, needs to be "Just what they wanted" even before they knew they wanted it.

  • 2. Don’t buy on budget only!

    A clear budget is important, but if the promo product is not the right fit for your business, it's target audience, or what you're trying to achieve, it will most likely end up a waste of money.

  • 3. Design the artwork on them properly!

    So often overlooked, each individual promotional product needs to have your message carefully designed to suit the available space, colours available and the overall visual impression in order to best get your message across.  Don't rush it, do it right.

  • 4. Quantity is less important than target marketing.

    Speak to us about finding the "RIGHT" promotional product to specifically target the clients you want rather than just choosing any cheap promotional product to blanket giveaway.  You'll be surprised just how much this will affect the response.  We've had many years of experience in doing this and are here to help.


We get excited about seeing promotions that work and your business's success is ours too because that's what keeps our clients coming back to us time and time again.

We love what we do and we want to do it for you, so please (CONTACT US) today and let us help you, help your business succeed.

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